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For informed investment choices

Market Timing
Stock markets are often driven by a herd instinct, with investors stampeding in or out at the same time. We use macro-economic forecasting, technical analysis and early market intelligence to forecast market trends. Venus' research products  provide you with the tools to anticipate market trends well in advance, so you can stay ahead of the herd. 

Stock Selection
Along with market timing, stock selection is a key part of the investment process. Venus' proprietary research helps you locate hidden stock values that the rest of the market has overlooked. This is achieved through incisive and original fundamental analysis of individual sectors and companies. Our highly rated research team provides you with in-depth coverage of all the major sectors and stocks, enabling you to make informed investment choices.

Timely Research Publications
We regularly update our clients on macroeconomic, stock market and sector trends through our daily briefings and other periodical research publications. Clients are also provided with timely recommendations on individual stock prospects. Our research advice is based on a continuous and detailed evaluation of economic indicators, industry and company specific information.

Quality research underpins all of Venus' Principal activities. Our research advice is available to all our clients at no extra cost.

Our research disciplines include fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and technical forecasting. Our team of analysts develop tools to increase the likelihood of clients’ success. We believe that research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. Excellence in research is the core objective of our sell-side research unit.

We provide comprehensive research reports on industry, companies and macroeconomics. In-depth Morning Briefs Covering Key Daily News. In-house proprietary Databases & Key Industry Contacts.